21st Century Foy provides ghost-writing services, creating quality film and television screenplays. The fee for this service is $2295.* For a limited time, four (4) hours of Rewrite/Polish services are included at no additional charge.
Included in this Price:

* For fun.
* For profit.
* For a second career.
* To share your unique and powerful experiences with others.
Getting Started -- Your Source Material: One-third (33% or $765) of the fee is payable to start (PayPal payments may be sent to 21stcenturyfoy@gmail.com).
SHORT STORIES, BOOKS, NOVELS AND OTHER SOURCE MATERIAL. To begin, you forward your Source Material, which might be a short story, a book or novel manuscript, treatment, outline, publisher's proposal, or other written material. You do not need a book or novel, you don't need a full length short story. You do not need to have published your material.
Anything you have in writing that describes your characters, the setting(s), and plot in detail will be sufficient. Usually, this means a minimum of three-thousand words, but well outlined story ideas and well developed character profiles may be even shorter. 
Yes, 21ST CENTURY FOY CAN ADAPT YOUR NOVEL INTO A SCREENPLAY, but additional charges may apply for lengthy books (i.e., over 300,000 words); most novels are not nearly that long.
Three-five business days later (longer if your Source Material is over 30,000 words), you'll receive a Screenplay Step Outline, consisting of five-10 pages, for your approval.
Once you approve the Step Outline, an additional payment (1/3 or 33%) is due. When you've made the second payment, the writer will begin writing your Screenplay, which will be complete fifteen to 20 business days later. If you’re operating on a short timeframe, a shorter delivery time may be possible.
You'll receive a notification as soon as your screenplay is complete, and an invoice/money request for the final payment (1/3 or 33%). Once you’ve made the last payment, you'll receive the completed screenplay in MS Word and PDF formats.

Complimentary Rewrite/Polish Services: Four (4) hours of Rewrite/Polish services are provided at no additional charge. Simply provide your Rewrite Notes (see below, "Full Rewrite Service") as provided in the following paragraph.
Full Rewrite Service - $749: you may provide rewrite notes (up 10,000 words) within thirty (30) days of the delivery of the first-draft script to you. The rewrite will be completed and delivered to you five-10 business days later (longer for extensive notes or substantial structural changes).
Preliminary Materials Review and Consults: Please note 21st Century Foy does not read manuscripts, novels, books, screenplays, etc. prior to being engaged and receiving the first payment. The complimentary evaluation and review of your materials is limited to 5000 words. After you've ordered the ghost-writing service, our writer(s) will read your book or other materials (up to 300,000 words) in order to prepare the Step Outline and write the Screenplay. 
Please also note that our writers do not start the outlining process or otherwise contribute ideas or other material prior to receipt of the first payment.
Other Formats: Instead of a Screenplay (90-130 pages double-spaced, in screenplay format), ask about the following options:

* SCRIPTMENT -- a hybrid treatment-screenplay, written in a combination of paragraph/prose format and screenplay format; 20 to 80 pages single-spaced; extensive action and setting description; some dialog; substantial camera direction and shot description. Ideal for projects: in which dialog is key; which have strong visual appeal (including action/adventure, fantasy, sci-fi or other projects heavy on visual effects); and which have narratives or exposition that recommend or require highly specific visual presentations and disclosures.

* PRESENTATION TREATMENT -- an elaborate and lengthy treatment written in paragraph/prose format; 20 to 80 pages single-spaced; extensive action and setting description; little or no dialog; some directorial style commentary; minimal camera direction and shot description. Best for projects which rely less on dialog and more on on-screen action, visual appeal and stylistic qualities. Like Scriptments, Presentation Treatments are ideal for action/adventure, fantasy, sci-fi or other projects heavy on visual effects. The lack of camera direction and shot description creates a more fluid narrative, and generally yields a less technical literary-instrument that's more conducive to relaying a film's intangible and distinctive qualities.

Payment: Whichever service you choose, you can pay by check, wire transfer (with a $15 additional fee) or PayPal (username: 21stcenturyfoy@gmail.com; please add 3% for PayPal fees), including American Express, Discover, Visa and Mastercard.


21st Century Foy will be happy to assist you, and we look forward to learning more about your project.
Jeffery C. Foy
Executive Manager

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Important Notes and Disclaimers:
Additional compensation to the Ghost-Writer is contingent upon successful acquisition of production financing, and is calculated with reference to the WGA minimums (currently, the additional compensation to the Ghost Writer is 0.5 of the applicable WGA minimum or 2% of the budget, whichever is less). A detailed outline, treatment, manuscript, proposal, or first draft screenplay is required to receive the rate quoted above; the quoted rate may not be available for research intensive projects.  

This communication is not an offer to provide legal services; no attorney-client relationship will be created absent an express written agreement. 
Note: all fees are earned upon receipt and nonrefundable. Additional Services such as archetypal analysis, structural analysis, scene design & composition evaluation, and pitch/submission, are available for additional fees; please inquire about charges.
Business days exclude holidays, weekends, and scheduled vacation days; please inquire for more details.
Outlining period is limited to 30 days and 3 outline drafts.  
* This offer valid until 12/31/17; price increases to $2795 on January 1, 2017.

Feature-Length Screenplay (90-130 pages)

Screenplay Step Outline/Beat Sheet

Carefully Crafted Logline

Maximum Impact Synopsis (1 page or less)

Custom Designed Query Letter

Ten (10) Recommended Agent/Talent 
Representative/Producer Contacts

U.S. Copyright Office Form PA Registration
(electronic, you pay only the U.S.C.O.'s $55
filing fee for this optional service)


Four (4) Hours of Rewrite/Polish Services 
(until 12/31/17)